My time as Gentoo dev has come to an end...

so the inevitable end has come sooner than I expected but... let's be honest, Gentoo more and more turns into a shit hole full of self-important wannabes.
Ever since I became a Gentoo developer, the project always had issues with too powerful people. People being in comrel, QA and/or council at the same time cannot make a healthy project. But whenever the proposition came up in council to force people to only be in one powerful position, this has always been battered down decorated with lame excuses.
So now Gentoo is at a point where there is a small circle of "elevated people" that dictates direction of Gentoo for each and everyone. Refusal of bowing to their will or following their commands leads to... harmful sanctions as I just found out for myself lately. As a result I am no longer part of this shit hole project anymore.
Most of my twelve years of being a Gentoo developer were much fun, the last two years were not.
On the bright side, I now have much more free time I can spend with my family, my friends and my hobbies. Sorry to all users of the 147+ packages I was maintaining. I am sure many will not land in good hands I'm afraid.

Update 20220629 12:36CEST
Gentoo now started to censor my retirement bug (and even restricted the bug so it is no longer publically available). So I feel the urge to clarify some things:
  • I was kicked out from Gentoo because of developer Sam James. He is the reason I was booted. I NEVER voluntarily retired from Gentoo!
  • Gentoo started to surveil my E-Mail account. (*)
  • Gentoo is planning to invalidate my council vote although I did that vote BEFORE any of this bullshit started to happen.
(*) I've been told by a reliable source

Update 20220630 15:09CEST
Gentoo now tries to frame me as a defamer in order to justify their decision. And of course this blog post was taken as justification to fast-retire me and categorize me as "malicious actor". It is hilarious how deep they stick in their own "reality bubble". The way comrel acts nowadays reminds me of the German word "Gedankenpolizei". In the past GDR's Stasi acted similarly:
  • Secret trials
  • the defendant was given no access to what he/she was accused for
  • condemnation was secretly ruled
  • secret surveillance
  • vote manipulation
  • public censorship
Would you want to be part of such an "organization"? I surely do not.

Update 20220630 16:47CEST
Now Gentoo has even removed my Gentoo overlay (poly-c) from their public repository list with the funny but nevertheless completely wrong assertion:

"The owner has stopped using Gentoo"

At this point I would not be surprised if they try to completely remove any sign of my existence from their public ::gentoo git package repository as well. I mean, they already proved that they don't stop at performing blatant censorship.

Update 20220708 11:25CEST
Three days ago, I got my council vote confirmation ID. So to my surprise it seems at least this kind of "punishment" could not be enforced by comrel.


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